Turning Your Dedicated Time  Into Reality

A local DMC specialized in inspiring workshops and outdoor sport activities to maximise your flow in your professional or private journey. Through 15 years of experience, quality of your stay is our main objective.

To make your holiday, event or private retreat successful in every way, we will support you by arranging everything from coaching to venue reservations and ground support services plus activities for the leisure times. 
Our specialty is sharing our knowledge of sports and life-enahancing coaching.


Your dedicated time will be one to recall with much pleasure.

Knowledgeable of what we Do

With a sports education & coaching background we aim to introduce you a rewarding way of engagement & enjoyment in physical activity, personal and professional development, flow & life.

In this embodied experience, it is about play, a part of a journey of reconnecting with nature and getting to know yourself through fun inspiring workshops.

Certified coaching with years of experience.

Diversity of Slovenia, Attention to Every Detail and Hospitality

Slovenia offers a choice of exceptional sites.
With carefully selected boutique accomodations, glamping experiences we take you on a truly relaxing stay.
Sharing our passion for nature, a wide range of activities are offered, all guided by professional instructors.
From inspirational workshops such as spiral living and integral breathing to outdoor adventures, yoga and pilates.
Together with our dedicated hosts, local representatives we aim to listen to your requests with an objective to make your stay safe in every way.