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Whether you are looking for a unique venue for you small event such as executive retreat or incentive, a dedicated time for your team - think of TheLIttleThings.Travel.


Recommended for families who wish to add special value to their respective time in holidays. Whilst kids having adventurous times, we integrated special classes in our outdoor adventures holiday itineraries.
Morning inspirations, family synchronicity, integral breathing and immunity, personalised outdoor fitness plans and more.



Exploring unique natural landscape whilst having fun participating in outdoor activities.  Dedicated licenced guides, indulge in local gastronomy plus must see sightseeing highlights.


Carefully listening to your wishes, we are here to create your perfect holiday itineraries with utmost care.

Why here?

Slovenia is special for its natural and cultural diversity.

In our small country you can experience the Alps and the Mediterranean in a day. The sense of outdoor enthusiasm is contagious, become a part of it.

As only 2 million of us, proud of awesome Olympic achievements of our athletes. Our instructors are sharing their passion and knowledge.

Be it a private chalet for your digital detox in the mountains or a cosy place by the sea. A view of the vineyards or local agriturismo.
Lots of outdoor sport activities and excellent food. 

Interested in more?

Included Culinary Delights

Travelling through hidden corners of Slovenia, where Slovenian Chef's are using locally produced fresh ingredients and authentic creativity. The culinary experience is connected with the diversity of 24 gastronomic regions, from Alps to Mediterranean.