Ivica Vrančić, Chartered FCIP

Milan and myself met at the leadership conference in Sofia recently. Milan had very powerful presentation there. Have been participating dozens and dozens different management and leadership speeches and presentations, I have to admit that Milan's performance was clear refreshment. He is obviously knowledgeable, but his style is very original: humorous but not aggressive, calm but still dynamic, discusses leadership from different and somehow new perspective and able to keep the audience fully with him. If you have a need for someone to tell you leadership/management story from different perspective Milan is for sure more than good choice and my warm recommendation.

Sabina Petač, teacher

During the 15 years of my professional development I have visited several workshops. I have to say this was the most positive, active experience. Next to positive atmosphere and relationship between lecturer and client it was really awesome to hear and see the other perspective of how to  indulge in to kind of "lighter perspective" of our professional journey.

Eva Orban, athlete

Sincere thank you for your unforgettable workshop which completely exceeded my expectations. Not just bringing out awareness of conscious and healthy living, it was the approach of kindness and simplicity that has truly touched me. I have to say it is not  many times I take part of group sessions, but yours was so intensive that kind of really left a footprint:)